Vide-Grenier – Spring is in the Air

Car boot a la francais

Vide Grenier, translates to empty your attic and that certainly was the case in Parcay Les Pins today as the folks of Parcay Les Pins start their Spring Cleaning! French houses certainly need the huge, solid oak beams they are built with, as the amount of forgotten treasures that were turned out from attics and displayed on the stalls was amazing.

There’s nothing posh about a Vide Grenier, anything goes as it would seem from the wide range of ‘goods’ on display, but there were a few treasures to be found.

Bric-a-brac at Vide Grenier

The attraction of the Vide Grenier is really this huge mass of items which would normally be destined for the décheterie (rubbish tip). In rural villages like ours, they still have a value and demonstrate the make do and mend culture of country folk.

Parcay Les Pins has a Vide Grenier every year in March.  It’s more than a Vide Grenier, it is a time for folk to meet, exchange local gossip and catch up on local news. A fun day out and  for the young it is an opportunity to parade their wares, strut their stuff after the long winter. Spring is definitely in the air.

Place d'Eglise, 49390 Parcay Les Pins - Vide Grenier

The Vide Grenier is an important part of the village community and perhaps something which has been lost elsewhere in the very commercial nature of Car Boot Sales.  Find out more about Vide Greniers, Brocantes and French Markets


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