A Michelin Star for Le Chai at the Manoir de Restigne

There are nine Michelin Star restaurants in Indre et Loire and latest is the Le Chai restaurant at the Manoir de Restigne, near Bourgueil.

The restaurant is described as “Une Table Gourmand au Coeur du Vignoble” and being only 30 minutes from home so we had to visit. We arrived to a warm welcome and soon knew this would be a great evening at Le Chai. It turned out to be a real treat for all the senses.

The dining room has high ceilings, tuffeau stone walls, oak beams and quiet, stylish decoration, somewhere Great Aunt Gertie would be equally as well at home as would a young couple enjoying their first romantic meal together.

The wine list had a good selection, including from some of the best local viticulteurs in our area and all at sensible prices too.  Our aperatif was a sparkling Montlouis wine, new to us and a pleasant surprise. With the entree we really enjoyed Frédéric Mabilleau’s Saumur Chenin, apricot and honey aromas, a beautiful light gold liquid.

We chose the Menu Decouverte at 45 €, with a good selection of dishes, an elegant amuse bouche of five delicate tasters and wonderful contrast of flavours and textures, the lightest of salmon mousse and an astounding combination of flavours, an entree of black pudding and scallops with the lightest of touch.

A main course of the most tender pigeon and foie gras wrapped in chard followed by an imaginative cheese course – a ravioli in a stock with a hint of liquorice,  a beignet of goats cheese, and a pasta roll filled with cheese.

Then a complete surprise – the desert before the desert –  a coffee bar topped with spun sugar in the form of a spring.  It glistened in the light!

Manoir de Restigne

Then the main desert of apple, decorated with the finest slice of sugared apple and a white chocolate ‘flag’ carrying the Manoir’s name,  and served with cardamon ice cream.

Manoir de Restigne

With our coffee there was a trolley of delights; cannelés de bordeaux, an almond cake, chocolates and the most amazing macarons I have ever tasted.

These photographs do not do justice to the quality and the presentation.

You just have to go there and experience it for yourselves.

The ethos of Le Chai shines through with both the food and the wine we enjoyed.

” … committed to an ethical and responsible approach, seeking to respect our natural environment. The restaurant Le Chai proposes dishes created from natural products, with bread and wine certified organic.”

Just wonderful!


5 responses to “A Michelin Star for Le Chai at the Manoir de Restigne

  1. Jean,

    Sounds absolutely fabulous. The Mabileau chenin is such a good choice and Frédéric grows it on the vineyards just out the back here around Le Puy Notre Dame. Les Coutures (one of his cabernet francs) is one of our highly favoured St Nicolas de Bourgeuil’s – have you tried it?

    Thanks for the feedback – will be booking very soon! Best Micaela and Sue

    • Micaela and Sue

      Thank you for your comment. I loved the Mabileau chenin and used Jim’s Loire as a link, since there seemed to be problems with the Frederic Mabileau’s site. I have not tired Les Coutures, so one to search out as it is not far away from us.

      Enjoy your meal at Le Chai. I look forward to hearing about it too.

  2. Since it is near our village, we must plan a visit thanks to your excellent recommendation!

  3. We booked in our guests from Singapore to Le Chai – the best meal they had ever had!

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