Chocolate Fest!

40 days without chocolate during Lent was celebrated with the most wonderful chocolate torte cake on Easter Sunday morning – oh and with a glass of Vouvray Rose Sparkling it was just perfect!

That was for the young at heart!

For the children, a hunt in the garden to amass their own collection of chocolate; a large chocolate rabbit and baby bunnies and  eggs from our chickens, decorated specially for Easter.  Two eggs were even laid on the doorstep for the couple in one gite who habitually get up late on holiday.

To burn up all that chocolate and young energy the children swam in the pool, warmed to 26 C.  It feels as if Spring is really here at last.


3 responses to “Chocolate Fest!

  1. sounds like our chocolate heaven, Yummy.

  2. Is that couple you are refering to that get up late us? I’m sure we managed to get up the good side of midday most days :>)

    Thanks for the lovely sparkling stuff, what a lovely Easter sunday….

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