La Nuit des Musées au Musée Jules-Desbois

Musee Jules Desbois, Parcay Les Pins

Saturday 15th May

Parcay Les Pins is a small village in the Loire, yet it has a Museum of national status, funded by European money too.  How can this be?

Two factors have contributed to this remarkable Museum.  Firstly, Parcay Les Pins is the birth place of the sculptor Jules Desbois and secondly, the dedicated work of the Mayor and the Friends of Jules Desbois.

On Saturday 15th May, the Museum will be opening its doors free of charge from 19h à 23h as part of the 6th Night of Museums – or Nuit des Musées which sounds so much better in French.

Children will also be encouraged to discover the works of Jules Desbois through games.

“Of all forms of art, sculpture is the one that can be understood by everyone”
Jules Desbois

Jules Desbois (1851-1935), a friend and colleague of Rodin, was one of the greatest sculptors of his time. Decorative art, sculptures produced in more than one copy (sculptures d’édition) and monumental groups celebrate the human body are all represented here in the work of Jules Desbois.

Parçay Les Pins was the birthplace of Jules Desbois and it has paid a wonderful tribute to its artist in a renovated house and outbuildings, opposite the house in which he was born. In seven rooms the museum holds  over a hundred of his works of art.

Musee Jules Desbois, 49390 Parcay Les Pins

The new museum was opened in 2001 in an old house in the village square, just opposite the original museum , set up by the Association, Friends of Jules Desbois, who have worked diligently to rediscover this sculptor, a friend of Rodin.

Here are two recent acquisitions as a taster.

The latest acquisition - an engraved flask in pewter

Une « Gourde aux algues » en étain

A flask in pewter delicately and finely engraved.

La Petite Châtelaine » de Camille Claudel

It’s worth a visit – and on 15th May it’s free!

Musée Jules-Desbois

1, place Jules-Desbois
49390 Parçay-les-Pins

Tél : 02 41 82 28 80
Fax : 02 41 59 82 03


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