Loire Valley Footprint

Footprint Loire Valley

A June Holiday in the Loire – just in time to order this new guide book.

Footprint Loire Valley is full-colour travel guide to the Loire Valley and includes a singl, large format popout map of the region.

If you have a UK address then the exchange rates favour an order on amazon.co.uk.  Links for both sites below.



Roger Moss, who wrote this book also has a website of wonderful photography.


6 responses to “Loire Valley Footprint

  1. Roger’s web address is actually http://www.picturefrance.com

  2. We are planning on a trip to Loire valley and it seems this book can be of help to us.

  3. What a timely question!

    We have a guest from New Zealand here at the moment who has just returned from Tours and found Loire Valley Footprint most useful. It is easier to carry around rather than something like Lonely Planet, which she has previously used.

    If you would like more information about the Loire Valley there is lots on our website. Here are two of the links, but you will find more there under Places to Visit.

    Chateaux links: http://frenchholiday.co.uk/places/chateaux
    Towns: http://frenchholiday.co.uk/places/chateaux

  4. Sorry, the second link should read
    Towns: http://frenchholiday.co.uk/places/towns
    but once on the site you will find it easy to navigate around the pages for Places to Visit.

  5. I am the visitor from NZ staying at Les Mortiers, Parcay Les Pins (Frenchholiday). I have used the Loire Valley Footprint as a general reference guide for the Loire Valley, and for sightseeing in Tours, Saumur, and Bourgeuil. I’ve found the maps very useful, and the information is really user-friendly as it is split up into various areas of the Loire Valley. The photos are great, as is the general information at the front of the guide.

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