Say Cheese for Valentine’s Day.

Two beautiful heart shaped Neufchatel cheeses found their way to Les Mortiers recently.  A kind gift from an equally kind person who lives in Normandy.

Our first encounter with this soft cheese from Normandy was while staying at Basse Copette. Two heart shaped cheeses grilled and served on a bed of salad.   Simple, beautiful presentation and a perfect start to a meal in Normandy.

Neufchatel is a cheese loved by the English.  My reference for French cheeses – Les 100 Meilleurs Fromages de France – claims that the English gained a taste for it during the 100 Years War, where they had the time to taste and enjoy it!  There is a legend from the same war that young French ladies gave Coeur de Neufchâtel to their suitors.  It is not clear whether the two stories are connected!

AOC Neufchâtel cheese is made from cow’s milk in the town of Neufchâtel in the Pays de Bray region of northern Normandy. It dates back to 1035, making it one of the oldest cheeses in this region and gained AOC status in 11 January 1977.

It can be eaten young or left to mature like a Camembert, so it develops the typical crust and soft cream inside. For me a mature Neufchatel beats a Camembert hands down.

It is a cheese worth trying and, if you arrive in France at one of the northern ports, then perhaps think of the area of Bray in Normandy for your first stop overnight. You will not be disappointed. Our cheese came from Sarl Eric Alleaume, 65, rue des Macmonts, 76 270 Nesle Hodeng.

For detailed Historical notes on Neufchatel (in French).

Basse Copette For Luxury Chambre d’Hote and Gites in Normandy.

For a cbeesey card and also some great photographic cards for Valentine’s Day.


One response to “Say Cheese for Valentine’s Day.

  1. I am glad the hearts made it to the Loire 😉

    Red current jelly with a balsamic and bacon vinaigrette goes well with grilled neufchatel on lettuce.

    I have just discovered a new recipe for deep fried camembert, and I am going to give that a go using neufchatel instead.

    Thank you Jean!

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