Jewellery Salon at Turquant, near Saumur


Travelling west along the south bank of the Loire from Saumur, you soon arrive at the village of Turquant with its troglodyte dwellings and craft shops. At any time it is worth a visit.

In February the village offers something extra.  Turquant will be hosting the second Salon of Jewellers.  The French title is more attractive ‘Le Salon des Créateurs de Bijoux’.

A dozen professional jewellers in one place. It has got to be tempting to visit. Different styles, different materials from craftspeople all demonstrating the highest skills of their profession.

Future masters will also be given a chance to display their skills too.  The pupils from the Institute of Bijouterie in Saumur will be there throughout the weekend.

Practical details:

Dates:   Friday 11th February 15h to 19h and Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th Feburary, 10h to 19h

Entry:   Free


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