Terra Botanica – Just the place for families

Arm wrestle with a Pirate

Just the place for an Easter visit with children. Terra Botanica, near Angers in the Loire Valley, opens it gates again on April 9th. There are 11 hectares of gardens, aquatic areas and greenhouses.

Young adventurers looking for a life on the ocean waves or parents interested in spices and tropical plants should discover ‘De caps et d’épices’ (area C7)

Land Ahoy for Young Pirates!

Young brigands can try their strength against a pirate, spy oncoming vessels or look for treasure in a dead man’s chest!

Shipwrecked on Treasure Island

And if that does not rock your boat, then enter the glasshouse and experience the tropical heat of the Spice Islands.

This place is fun with a capital F,  yet at the same time inspires to care for our fragile environment. No preaching, just well presented information and entertainment for all ages.

‘De caps et d’épices’ is just one of 40 areas at Terra Botanica.

Terra Botanica, Angers

Journey to the centre of your digestion.

Terra Botanica is a full day’s outing, easy access and parking, all in a beautiful setting. The catering is excellent and sensibly priced: fresh salads, creative and healthy hamburgers all made from local sourced ingredients and served in recyclable containers.

Visit:                                  Terra Botanica

How to get there:         Directions


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