Saying it with flowers in the Loire Valley

This coming Sunday is Mothering Sunday. A nursery in Hampshire has grown a stunning 200,000 blooms for this special occasion, with some gorgeous photos published by MailOnline. An amazing achievement requiring discipline and commitment.

Hampshire was my home before moving to France and there must have been some resonance with the area where we chose to live in France and beautiful Hampshire. We are close to Angers, where glass houses stretch for miles, and from where flowers, fruit and plants are sent all over France, and a multitude of vineyards producing a great variety of delicious wines

A little research made me realise the huge contribution when grouped together make to the local economy.

There are eight specialist areas: ornamental horticulture, fruit & vegetables, seeds, viticulture, medicinal and aromatic plants, mushrooms, cider apples and tobacco.

And the awesome goal of the sectors who have joined together to promote themselves?

‘To become a world reference for innovation in the world of plants’

Add together (if it were possible)  450 researchers and teaching researchers, 25,000 jobs, 4,000 companies, 25 higher training courses and 2,500 students, then put housing needs, shopping, entertainment and transport into the melting pot. It soon tells you how important this is to the vitality of the region.

For a light-hearted look at this wonderful achievement visit in our area, visit the website of Terra Botanica, an informative and fun theme park which has been created close to Angers. Even if your travel plans do not yet include a visit to this part of the Loire Valley, a virtual visit will entertain and make you want to know more.

Visit:            Terra Botanica


The Rose AlléeThe Rose Allée at Les Mortiers




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