10 tips for questions you might not think to ask when booking a holiday with young children.


You’ve found the holiday property which looks just perfect for your family. The photos are drop dead gorgeous, the sun seems to shine every day, the rural idyll you are looking for. That’s it, that’s the one for the perfect family holiday, perhaps the first time you have been away since the children were born.

But hang on a minute, it is so easy to get carried away and when you arrive find that the holiday you thought would soothe away all the stresses and strains is going to involve some compromises, some extra expense you had not thought about or worse still, driving miles with young children just to find somewhere for the perfect meal in a local bistro that existed only in your dreams.

Here are 10 questions you might not think to ask when booking a holiday with young children.

  1. Is there information provided on child friendly places to visit and places to eat which welcome young children.
  2. Is there equipment for young children eg high chair, cots, potties, bottle sterilisers, safety gates, and are there any supplementary charges these.
  3. Is the pool warm enough for children to use every day during their stay.
  4. Are there any neighbours and would a crying baby upset them?  Settling a child to new surroundings can be stressful enough, but coping with complaints the next morning only adds to the stress.
  5. Are the cleaning materials used eco-friendly, eg no dangerous chemicals left within reach or used for cleaning the property.
  6. Is there a Doctor’s surgery close by, with someone to help with translation.
  7. Is the property owner resident and familiar with local emergency services and the local hospital.
  8. Is the property pushchair friendly in order to walk to the local boulangerie or buy fresh food locally
  9. Is there any traffic noise and how far in the property from the road.
  10. What are the memorable things about the property that children will remember and take home with them, eg collecting eggs from the chickens, patting a donkey, learning about how vegetables grow or the names of wild flowers.

These tips are based on personal experience and comments from guests who have stayed in holiday properties with young children.




4 responses to “10 tips for questions you might not think to ask when booking a holiday with young children.

  1. Villas are often a good idea, as you don’t have the hassle of other guests grumbling about the noise children make, and equally you don’t have to worry about other guests playing loud music and keeping your family awake!

    • Very true. If that is a concern then it is wise to check the proximity of other properties. The advantage of having a resident owner is that you have someone to deal with any problems and take the stress away from you.

  2. I have been very fortunate so far inasmuch as that all the families that have stayed with me have ended up as friends and their children had new playmates for their holidays. I am also happy to say that I scored 9/10 in your top tips, minus one only because I don’t have a pool. One question, would you consider having a pushchair available for guest use is a good idea?

    • I have seen pushchairs offered, but it is something I have reservations about. It would mean responsibility for maintenance of a pushchair and any consequences of an accident which makes me nervous. There are plenty of small travel pushchairs on the market and most families with children, whether they are flying or using public transport would probably need a pushchair for their journey. Interestinlgy, it is something we have never been asked for.

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