Let’s have a cake, we’re on holiday!

I have a weakness of cakes, once likened to have a mouth like a CD drawer which accepts pain au raisin with ease!  I love to try local cakes. It tells me about the local produce and often includes learning a little more about the region.  But that’s an excuse, a piece of local patisserie is my treat, it lifts my spirits, gives me a sense of being spoiled.

So here are five cakes from our autumn trip.

So I started with a ‘Pastis de Quercy’

Something like filo pastry, with either apple or prunes, honey and pastis.  This one I bought at the market of Praysac, held on a Friday.  I ate it at the view point of Ballaye, overlooking stunning views of the River Lot.  We met a group of local walkers there who said we must go to Montcuq market on a Sunday  (one to save for next time)


Next came the ‘Tarte de Lascaux’

A confection of walnut in a pastry case.  I have since seen Huw Fearnley Whittingstall make something similar on his River Cottage programme..  This came from Montignac, only a stone’s throw from the famous caves of Lascaux.  It is here especially for Karen McKenry Heller to see as my last FB post from Montignac was just the empty paper bag!


And then a ‘Kugelhof’

In Sarlat Le Caneda I was tempted by the kugelhof, more typical of the Alsace regions, but would include raisins or fruit. This one was made with Beurre de Charente AOC and melted in the mouth.  Similar to a brioche, but lighter and far superior.


Followed by ‘Travers au Chocolat’

This one was bought in Sarlat from the gorgeous cafe/chocolatier Lemoine. A confection of walnut and dark chocolate.  There is also one with hazelnut and milk chocolate.

The window is a feast of macarons, Le canelé  and nougat.

A beautiful shop and cafe.

And finally a ‘Lascaux’

A creation of a boulanger near Lascaux, which was a soft textured meringue tasting of almonds and filled with cream.

This boulanger still makes bread on a wood fire and we asked if there was a French loaf which would actually keep for a few days! We bought this tourte  – and it kept too!

A cautionary note:

I lost a filling at the end of the holiday – too many cakes?


3 responses to “Let’s have a cake, we’re on holiday!

  1. We were in Sarlat last spring! Sadly, Lemoine was closed, but we still found an opportunity to taste the Lascaux meringue, tarte de Lascaux and a canelé. This brings back many happy memories…

    • Thank you for bringing back happy memories for me too. Sarlat is at its best out of season for me. If you are in our part of the Loire, there are three choclatier/patisseries you should visit, La Maison du Rabelais in Langeais, La Duchesse Anne in Saumur and Fabrice Métry in Bourgueil. The latter makes the reknowned Galette Bourgueilloise. Ummm – think I feel another blog article coming on!

  2. Reblogged this on Frenchholiday's Blog and commented:

    Watching James Martin make an absolutly scrummy white chocolate and strawberry cheesecake this morning, reminded me of this ‘cake tour’ in France on one holiday. It was awesome!

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